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Pescara is a bit of an enigma. On the one hand it is a thriving industrial town yet head down to the stunning Adriatic beaches in the summer and you could be in Ibiza. 
Pescara is known as the party capital of the east coast of Italy and with good reason. You've only to set off up or down the coast of Pesara in your rental car and you'll pass mile upon mile of beautiful golden sandy beaches. Whilst many of them are private and will charge you for using them, there are several which are free. These are the ones, including the town beach, where hundreds of young Italians congregate in the evening to party until the sun comes up. 

Car Hire Pescara Mini Guide

Once you've slept off the partying, get back behind the wheel and head inland. The region of Abruzzo is less well visited than say Tuscany or Umbria but it deserves a better reputation. You'll follow narrow winding roads up and down hills, passing through sleepy hilltop villages and thriving vineyards. It's no wonder the region is compared so favourably to its more famous counterparts. 
Forty miles or so away you'll come to a spectacular range of mountains whose name translates as 'Sleeping Beauty'. Do a road trip from Pescara in your hire car and you might think you're in one of the American national parks. 
A tough decision awaits you now. Your choice is whether to spend your time at a party every night on the beach or to see the undiscovered delights of a beautiful part of Italy. That could be a tough one!
Pescara has a busy airport that last year saw nearly 600,000 travellers pass through it. It offers direct flights from the UK with Ryanair, meaning that, combined with low cost Pescara car hire, your holiday there needn't be expensive. The Abruzzo Airport is only a couple of miles outside the town and easily reached with your hire car, in less than ten minutes. From the airport the S55 road goes straight into the middle of the town.

Car Hire Pescara Airport – PSR

Other names – Abruzzo Airport

With Pescara it's not so much that you will get to your accommodation more quickly or conveniently from Abruzzo airport with a hire car, for you could almost walk it. The benefit of collecting a hire car either at the airport or from Pescara itself, is that it enables you to escape the town and see the magical countryside which easily competes with Tuscany and Umbria for beauty. Don't worry that it's going to be expensive either for we can source a hire car for you at a competitive price. Included in this price is a carefully prepared car, comprehensive insurance, collision damage waiver cover and emergency assistance in the unlikely event you'll need it. All you have to do is give us some basic details about your trip and we'll do the rest.